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To drill a humand mind to respond in a particular manner, needs a true guidance, disciplined environment and effort in right proportion and direction. Therefore Karma Defence Academy believed that theory is only a concept and framework for understanding and that true learning happens only by application of theoritical concept. Karma Defence Academy's approach to learning replaced by a teaching environment that alots specific task to candidates so that they form and use concepts. We analyse your weakness and strength and thereafter work upon to evolve and overall personality that genuinely fits that of an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. Karma Defence Academy has achieved an eviable & unbeatable record of success for imparting coaching for SSB. Karma Defence Academy specialised in imparting training for SSB interview for NDA, CDS, NA & WES and also provides classes for written, physical and external medical checkup & solutions.
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57 Indian Army
64 Indian Air Force
47 Indian Navy
113 Other Exams