About Us

To drill a human mind to respond in a particular manner, needs a true guidance, disciplined environment and effort in right proportion and direction.
Therefore Karma Defence Academy believed that theory is only a concept and framework for understanding and that true learning happens only by application of theoretical concept.
Karma Defence Academy’s approach to learning replaced by a teaching environment that alots specific task to candidates so that they form and use concepts.
We analyse your weakness and strength and thereafter work upon to evolve and overall personality that genuinely fits that of an officer in the Indian Armed Forces.
Karma Defence Academy has achieved an enviable & unbeatable record of success for imparting coaching for SSB.
Karma Defence Academy specialised in imparting training for SSB interview for NDA, CDS, NA & WES and also provides classes for written, physical and external medical checkup & solutions.

Our Mission:
Karma Defence Academy is slated to become the best army institute and defence training academy in India. This coaching centre provides mock physical and written tests for candidates who are interested in joining the defence forces in India. It is the only Indian army coaching centre in which students will be under the guidance of expert faculty. The main aim of Karma Defence Academy is CRAFTING SOLDIERS OUT OF MEN. Based in Kanpur, the academy operates in Kakadeo, which facilitates a competitive environment, along with spacious and well-ventilated classrooms, as well as accommodation, thereby ensuring the all-round development of its students in terms of physical and mental growth. It acts like an NDA centre in kanpur, and is the best stepping stone for those aspiring to join the defence forces. The aim of karma Defence Academy is to select the suitable boys and craft them into soldiers to make them defence-ready. Our extensive training will enable these boys to stand apart from the rest. With their strength, confidence, military acumen, presentability, bearing, and turnout, Karma will leave an unforgettable mark in the world of the defence services.

Popular Courses:
The Indian Defence Forces are an amalgamation of the army, navy and air force. Everyone dreams to be a class apart and to standout in society. Everyone wants to be respected and liked by their friends and peers. The defence forces give you a platform wherein not only do you fulfil your dreams, but also have a blooming career ahead! For this purpose, you need to enrol yourself into the best defence academy, and Karma Defence Academy is the answer!